Caroline Cahill

From here,
don’t let imposter syndrome get the best of you.
Love, Caroline

Sharis Chan

I am not sure where we will go. All I know is from here. I keep thinking about that quote from The Incredibles “We're dead! We're dead! We survived but we're deadddd!” I don’t have any wise words, just that. The question for me is, now what? I don’t even know what I’m gonna have for lunch. Either way, I know I’ll figure it out eventually.

Queena Chen 

Where do I go from here? Wherever life takes me I guess, as cliche as it sounds, I don’t have anything major planned. All I know is that if I continue to work hard, nothing can get in the way. Stay safe, be kind and wish everyone hope, health, and happiness wherever they go.

Yi Chen

If we write the script and define our role for ourselves at the beginning of the story, it will be boring as if we know the ending before the movie starts. I can’t tell where we go. Please treat the future as countless surprises and keep looking forward to it. I know that the past year has been very difficult for everyone, and now that we are about to graduate, we have tried our best to accomplish what we thought could not be done.

But in the future, we will face more and more difficult challenges. I believe that at that time you can also turn those moments into unforgettable memories in your life. Hope each of us can enjoy this unknown journey.

Emma Domnisch

If you asked me four years ago what my future would look like I would have no clue where to even start. Now that we are graduating that future is becoming more clear. School seems easy looking at what lies ahead. But I know that whatever comes will be truly amazing. We have all come so far and I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to accomplish in the future.

Kelly Fung

From here, I can go anywhere! (literally, I need a vacation so badly).
But other than that, I’m so excited to just continue living and enjoying the things I like to do without worrying about my thesis or some kind assignment in the back of my mind.
Sure, I’ll have to get a job and all that but I’ll figure it out eventually.
Hope everyone finds their passion in life and live life to the fullest.
This experience shaped who I am today and I’ll be grateful forever.

Sydnie Jaime

I used to spend so much time thinking about the uncertainty of the future. My time at FIT and this pandemic has really emphasized that no matter how much we plan for things, we can’t control what happens. I don’t know where I’ll go from here, but what I do know is that we can truly go anywhere. This is an end to our time at FIT with our amazing classmates and professors but just the beginning of our lives, our careers, and our stories.

I’m excited for this new phase. I’ll for sure still be learning, finding ways to keep myself busy, making time for myself, my hobbies, my  friends and family, and whatever else I feel like doing. We did it!!

Cristian Martinez

From here, we go everywhere. Regardless of where life takes us we will all continue to grow. Thank you to my peers and professors for everything.

Sobnom Mimi

It is super exciting to be the first one to get a college degree from America in my family. I am truly grateful to my professors and my classmates for their support and insights.

My dream is to become an art educator one day, so I am continuing my education in graduate school. Wishing everyone luck and love.

Kathleen Nolan

I think “from here” will be a whole new learning experience. Until I find a full-time job to settle into, this will be the first time I am not living some sort of regimented lifestyle (even though if you know me, even with structure, I am still all over the place.)

I’m excited to take time for myself; go on walks with my grandpa, take my grandma on her errands, do random things with my friends, and hug my family a little tighter. This last semester has been a full-on shit storm (excuse my language), so there is a bittersweet weight being lifted off my shoulders come May 20.

I am so grateful for every person who has touched my life at FIT. Thanks to you all, big or small impacts, I feel like I can be something.

Jennifer Paredes

When I think of finishing school I imagine myself being exceptionally bored. I have considered continuing my education many times and have come up with various paths I can take to expand on my knowledge. I am thinking of going back to school sometime in the future for Occult Studies, History of Art or Art Conservation and Restoration. I can’t imagine myself being happy with sitting at a computer all day graphic designing forever. My ideal situation would be to freelance graphic design while pursuing another area of study to keep my life interesting.

Graduating isn’t quite exciting as I pictured it as I am the last one in my family to get a degree. I’m glad to have learned a lot during my time at FIT but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eager to get the hell out of here.

Lorraine Ross

Valentina Priolo

I never thought I'd finish my studies in a remote situation, with all the related difficulties, and having to manage myself between studies and family. Certainly there have been other difficult times in my life and so I have also faced this one with only one sentence in mind: never give up! What will I do in the future? As always, I have no certainty. I just know that graduating is a great victory for me and that this will open new doors for the future. Certainly as I've always done, I'll just follow my instincts. Thanks to all teachers, friends and family who have supported me in this important path of life.

Chong Xu

All ends are new beginnings, and all beginnings are new experiences. From here, is the turning point to everywhere, every moment and every possibility. For the future, I don't expect to shape it, I hope to accumulate it by collecting every detail of the present. It's time to say goodbye and it's time to say hi. I'd love to appreciate everyone I have experienced in my life. Thank you all for everything.

Mahry Yazliyeva

I want to enjoy life to the fullest even when I’m presented with obstacles. Afterall, that’s what makes life exciting, right? I want to hug everyone I love who has been there for me from day one and believed in me and most of all I want to treasure all of the memories created in the past four years because it has been an amazing journey.