This interdisciplinary piece is my quest to reclaim the unadulterated body, free from societal disguise, unencumbered by constructs of an imposed identity, unwilling to conform to the dictates of a conditioned world. Utilizing a multi-media of video dance and print and digital poster design, I dissected the multiple layers of a fractured reality that veils our bodies and inhibits our most authentic expression. I shook away the body’s eclectic, exposing it as an emotional and mental dumpster of habitual patterns that have set us on autopilot, and boldly replaced it with an embodied mindfulness that engenders experiences.
I further drew on contemporary forms of dance video and somatic exploration to coin an idiom of embodied urgency and tap an unexplored reservoir of knowledge, spirit, and perceptive awareness. Stripping away the externals, I shed the outer shell – only to reconnect to my body’s wisdom, and rekindle my true self.