Open Lab | A Digital Playground

The development of technology has created a generation that has never experienced a world without social media and video games. With a decline in interactions among neighbors, co-workers, and friends, teens have turned to video games as an outlet to continue their relationships with these so-called “friends.” Besides dealing with social and psychological changes, they are competing with highly addictive video games in this technological age. As teens are immersed in the digital world, they lose sight of the world around them. It results in a whole generation wasting their childhood playing video games. 
Inspired by environmental design, I wanted a clear juxtaposition against the digital world. My thesis, “Open Lab | A Digital Playground,” explores a digital playground proposal through a collection featuring mixed media, motion graphics, print, and 3D applications. Welcome to the Open Lab, a playground that aims to offer one the freedom to explore in a physical environment.