In Plain Sight

Did you know that Latin America is home to the largest population of African descendants outside of Africa? I wouldn't blame you if you didn’t, as Latinidad have done a near flawless job of systematically erasing Black people from every aspect of Latin American history, society, and culture. Thanks to this legacy of elitism and erasure, Afro-Latines only exist at the margins of the regional establishment, and are not center, left, or near any stage when most people think of “Latino” people or culture. 

“In Plain Sight” is a magazine dedicated to celebrating the beauty, the resilience, and the experiences of Afro-Latines, as well as our contributions to Latin American culture. This publication also puts a spotlight on the lack of representation in mainstream media and the prevalence of anti-Blackness in Latin American societies. We’re done with living in the shadows, being disregarded, and ignored.