Blossoms on the East Land

Blossoms on the East Land is a virtual exhibition and online publication. This project contains curation and regeneration of artworks from, and with, Asian female photographers and body activists. It aims to subvert the classic Asian femininity stereotypes and to reclaim their bodies and appearance against sexual objectification. The goal is to amplify the voices of Asian women in our new generation and evoke conversations about our individual and collective experiences.
This comes from the perspective of being a female growing up in Taiwan and how the media perpetuated stereotypes of Asian women as either hyper-sexualized temptresses or sexually submissive. The media’s narrative has successfully created a contradictory social phenomenon among women from different generations.
Blossoms on the East Land, a rebellious celebration of diverse Asian femininity, is an homage to women’s strength in Asian culture, empowering their raw and unapologetic selves.