That’s Life

People often say the expression “that’s life” in many situations. In Korea, there are slang phrases that are commonly used, such as “What’s life? It’s just for eating,” or “All people live the same way,” which means that the lives of many people who seem to be different are the same if you look closely. Due to the 21st-century marketing industry, the word “lifestyle” is more and more specialized, differentiated, and gentrified. 

This magazine goes back to the initial meaning of the word lifestyle, when it was used more socially and culturally and gave the message that lifestyle is really just a story of people’s lives. Instead of talking about famous celebrities or influencers, the magazine tells the stories of people around us, like friends, family, or the lady next door,   what they consume culturally and economically, how they spend, and what they live for.
That’s life!