“Nuevx Futuro” (“New Future”) is a digital zine that envisions possibilities for the future of Central America in a way that is inclusive and contemporary. Through decolonized perspectives and a focus on diasporic cultures, this investigation aims at becoming an instrument for reflection and identification as part of the artistic production from Central America, which often has no representation or is diluted by Eurocentric standards. After researching Mesoamerican design and (re)contextualizing artifacts in relation to indigenous traditions, this project ignores the construct of time while blurring the realms of real and synthetic.
“Nuevx Futuro” lives on a microsite– encapsulated in the form of a “vessel” comprised of a MacBook, which has been modified in the tradition of Salvadoran buses. Using crystals, clay, and found electrical materials, I transform my Mac into a personalized expression of my aesthetic, disregarding the rules of modernity and Western influence.