Solitude is a Reasonable Life Choice & More

How does one of the mainstream values of the current society, group living, view a solitary lifestyle? Undesirable, unfavorable, pathological, and harmful? The thought that “solitude is a reasonable life choice, just like group living” may have never crossed their mind. My thesis,  “Solitude Is A Reasonable Life Choice & More,” considers that a solitary life is a choice that reasonably exists in human society and I hope that society reconsiders the correctness of the one-sided stigmatization of loners.
The zine titled “Observer's Experience,” as an independent digital zine, is not only a medium that presents my thesis, but also my personal experience. Due to the pandemic, I experienced something new. After such a long period of being isolated and blocked from society, solitude has evolved into an isolation with negative effects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to learn and keep a balance between solitude and social interaction.