501 Hours of 501s

This experiment, “501 Hours of 501s - Workwear versus Fashion,” serves as a visual testament to one of the most iconic items of the modern era: the blue jean. Equally personal and universal, a pair of jeans can be as expressive as it can be utilitarian. Over the course of 30 days, I spent about 501 waking hours wearing my Levi’s 501s. Each day a piece of the jean was cut and documented.
The disintegration of the object not only created its own style, but it also showcased the craftsmanship of its construction. Even if the jeans were being ripped apart, they always still served their initial function. Their lasting material also brings up an important insight: as they decayed...did they evolve as a fashion symbol? As this workwear object develops personality, and becomes an object of style and culture, does this raise socio-economic concerns regarding privilege and class?