View of Spring Water

“View of Spring Water” is an environmental installation built using red/white cedar and 3D-printed PETG. The structure reflects the form of a home’s central crossbeam. I chose to focus my thesis on creating sustainable architecture through renewing traditional methods of construction with modern technologies. Ancient Japanese architecture focused on ease of disassembly, standardization, and prefabrication.The two joints I designed and used in the installation are a simplified dai mochi tsugi joint (台持ち継ぎ) and a modified tsuri waku joint (つり づか), using a 3D-printed lock.
These two joints could be used to support a 1,500-pound roof.  With this project I wanted to create practical designs that shift labor away from the commercial market and encourage a communal or personal application. The aesthetic goal of the work is to frame nature within an architectural form, while also framing the form as small within a larger natural landscape.