Each day, without anyone realizing, dementia patients can be made to feel aggravated or confused based on questions or statements they encounter. Interacting may not always be easy, but my goal is to help. “Reminiscing” focuses on providing information on how to talk to people with dementia in a way that will cause the least amount of confusion. I do this through a card game that has prompts for conversation starters and activities that can be played by patients and caretakers. The cards are color-coordinated; red — Conversation Starters: Level 1, yellow — Conversation Starters: Level 2, green — Senses, and blue — Music. Through my research I have tried to find the best way to word these cards, so that they are the least confusing for patients. Although dementia cannot be cured, we need to have constructive conversations that help dementia patients keep their minds active and stay connected with others.